Blooming Love: Handy Tips, How To Shop For Lingerie

How to Shop for Lingerie


Lingerie is not just to look seductively, enticing; yes that’s mostly why we actually take the effort to style it up. However, donning the right pair can not just kink up your bedroom experience but can give a big boost to your confidence too. The style factor and comfort quotient lingerie imparts does not come at a cheap cost though. Even basic delicates call for a worthy investment, so how to shop for lingerie to avoid looking unusually frumpy, lumpy and uncomfortable.



Size Matters

All of us gain or lose pounds with passing months, which slowly affects our body size. Breasts change with weight change and the waistline too experiences changes. So, keep a check on your size every 4 months. Take a measuring tape around your back and bring it to the front, around the part of your bust where it is fullest. Subtract one from the size you get and that will be your correct bra size. To measure your waistline, take the tape around your waist, back and front. If you get a size in the middle, try both the lower as well as higher sizes when you go to buy lingerie.


Comfort > Style

When it comes to inner wear, comfort is ultimate parameter. If you are not comfortable, it will show in your gesture. If you are not at ease, you will tend to constantly fidget with your dress trying to get your inner in place and waiting to get home and fling it open. Style is also important, for example if you wish to look sexy in a thong, you can buy one but you might not be comfortable in it. If you are not, do not buy it and get lace underwear or any other style instead, there are large number of sultry options to choose from. Therefore, go with the one that suits both your fashion quotient and comfort ratio.

Strappy Issues

A bra strap can be a big headache if they are not of the perfect form or fit according to your body type. If the strap is, too tight it can cause your skin to redden and itch. If one sweats a lot, loose straps tend to slip off. Therefore, you need to understand what kind of strap sits perfectly on you. If you are buying a differently strapped bra that you do not usually use, try buying one physically from a shop since that would help you understand the fitting better. If you are browsing through virtual collection and are seeking for tips in buying lingerie online then the most sensible thing would be check their return and refund policy before placing an order, such that you can cancel the order within 24 hours if you do not like the product.



Opting for famous and expensive brands is not just to show off your frill attitude, it comes with a higher price tag for a reason, respect that. Esteemed brand are so for their superior R&D, ace product quality and practical fit. However any brand at random might not suit your body type or match your taste so the handiest tip for buying lingerie is to experiment and zero down on couple of brands that suit you best. Sizes differ with brands; therefore always make sure you look at their size chart before ordering or buying lingerie from a brand you are not well acquainted with. Categorise brands based on basics, luxe and kinky for better shopping experience.


What’s Your Attire?

How to shop for lingerie based on attire? There is different underwear for diverse clothing. Wearing plunging necklines or backless or off-shoulders, pick your lingerie wardrobe updated according to the dresses you buy. Buying lingerie with removable strap is beneficial, efficient and pocket friendly. Some attires might needs minimiser bras while other dresses would look better with padded ones, so sort before you go lingerie shopping spree based on hunch and impulse.


Fabric Of Attire

If you are wearing a dress that is sheer, you cannot choose lingerie of the same kind of material or opt for lingerie with laces. Flimsy fabrics should be teamed with a supportive inner. If the material is heavy try not wearing padded bras as they will look OTT. So, when selecting your lingerie first understand its purpose, time and scope. Select according to the material of your dress.


Colour Conscious

How to shop for lingerie in colours? Have a broad range of lingerie hues in your wardrobe to choose with your outfits, match your mood or kink up the occasion. Contrasting innerwear has been a fashion too, so include as many lingerie colours to your wardrobe as much your pocket allows.



Trial is very important for buying lingerie. You need to see if it sits aptly on your chest and waist. You also need to be sure if it shapes your body properly since wearing a wrong one could ruin a right shape. For those who are intending to buy on virtual shop, a handy tip for online lingerie shopping would be to carefully read the about the material and the size chart of the brand along with detailed description on the product.


Material of Lingerie

The materials for most delicate parts need to be chosen carefully. Choose material that suits your skin, so that you do not itchy and allergic owing to the laces and frills. Read the material composition thoroughly to get an exact idea on the material of the lingerie.


Hopefully these basic tips for lingerie shopping will help you revel in your unmentionables. Stock up on basics, rotate them in the right delicate cycles and kink it up with some sexy unmentionables!


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