They Say Bras Make Breasts Sag. Is This True?

If you are well updated about events happening around you and take notice of special days, you must have inevitably come across the importance of 13th October. It is the National No Bra Day, executed to prevent breast cancer and spread awareness. What we had in mind about bras and what research tells us is astonishingly antipodal. So, the question comes haunting us time and again, can bras make breasts sag?


Wearing A Bra Makes Breast Sag?

We definitely did not want to break this to you but this is sooth. A bra will hold up the breasts and make you have it the way you want, but it is a definite myth that it prevents further sagging. Gravity and age will anyway work its way.


In fact, it was also suggested that wearing a bra supports sagging as it weakens the breast supporting tissue. Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science researcher led a team that conducted a 15 year old study on the effect of bras on 330 women aged 18-35. The research suggested that wearing a bra since early age did nothing to prevent sagging, reduce back pain or support the chest. Bras deny the breast gravity. It is not something favourable. On the contrary, sadly, they make boobs sag further.



Happy news for all the going to be mums. Breast feeding does not cause your breasts to droop. It basically is the effect of pregnancy that a woman puts on more weight and the breast is enlarged during breastfeeding. It shrinks back down when nursing. It is the weight loss and deflation that causes the breasts to sag.

You Can Minimize Sagging

The study confirmed that when young women stopped wearing a bra, there was no deterioration in the orientation of their breasts. In fact, there was widespread improvement in the positioning. Little things also make a great difference. We all know that breasts are made of fat not muscles, so logically, we can’t tighten or tone it. But yes, the mien of your pectoral area can well be improved through chest exercises that help strengthen the ligaments around the breast.

Sticking to a relatively healthy weight gain through the period of pregnancy, can prevent your breast from going south.


  • Be Obedient And Follow A Healthy Diet: Who can ignore the multitude of benefits that a healthy diet brings with it? Drink the magical drink, water, and that too loads of it. Deficiency of water sure shows, not just on your face but also on your skin.


  • Quit smoking, along with its other unwanted yet harboured effects. It can make the breasts sag prematurely. Not like it won’t in the future, but smoking will do its bit in accelerating the process, and that too astonishingly fast.


  • We understand the absolute scarcity of time and the speed with which life races, and the necessity to worship the fashion trends, but devote a little time following beauty regimen religiously. Like the rest of your body, apply sunscreen to the breast too and save it from too much sun exposure.


  • Chest exercises can be a whole lot helpful too. So again, it is important to maintain the diet. The skin loses elasticity when stretched. So, if at all you lose a lot of weight, your breasts will suffer the most since they are nothing but fat.


What We Conclude?

It is totally your choice if you want to stick wearing a bra or let them breathe free. It is a question of comfort. Either way, nothing is going to affect your health in a major way and so there is no need to freak out. Taking appropriate measures soon is any-day better for you. But there is nothing urgent. Also, don’t just chuck your bras immediately. Wear it lesser gradually and when you need it most. The trivial yet important little tips will also save your breasts from attaining the undesirable shape and help it delay the sagginess to as long as it can delay.

Share your comments with us in the section below. We’d love to hear from you.


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