About Me

I am an Aspiring Lingerie Specialist and Fitting Expert. 

Born on 31st July 1987, I have always been a ladies man. Since a kid I was very much fascinated and attracted to feminine attires and accessories. I always wondered why it did look cute and gorgeous compared to those of men. With time I got more curious and learned much about it. Soon my girl friends too were amazed in my feminine selective taste. After age of 15, I did get more fascinated to Lingerie’s. Always wondered how they were invented, designed and made to perfection. I did spend my free time online, browsing through various brands and styles. To learn more about it I did start to buy exotic lingerie collections and have a wardrobe collection of my own. It made me think further on how exotic lingerie gave a feeling of confidence to women and how they were designed to look gorgeous on every angel who owned it. It made me fall in love with Lingerie. I was never happy with my work, deep inside my heart I always wanted to work in fashion industry. I always loved Lingerie. Working for a Lingerie Brand has always been my dream. I am a fast learner and am ready to go an extra mile to achieve goals. A man understands what women want well.

Well, i wish to break the Stereotype that Lingerie is girly affair and men has no clue about it. Trust me, men like me knows more about Lingerie that many of the women out there.

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